Spectacle Lenses

What is spectacle lenses?

Spectacle lenses determines the quality of vision everyone experiences. At I Care Optometry we offer lenses of the highest reliability and quality. All products are quality checked when they arrive and quality checked before you take them home. Our eyewear consultants will help you choose the lens type appropriate for your lifestyle and visual demands:

  • Single vision lenses: The single vision lens provides vision correction for one viewing distance. The corrected area can be for far distance, intermediate distance or for reading distance.
  • Polycarbonate lenses: This has high-impact resistance material that will protect your eyes from any strong force. This is an essential material for children and athletes.
  • Trivex: It has been a long time since a new lens material was introduced, but Trivex is an excellent new product that has the advantages of high index materials (lighter and thinner) but the safety profile of polycarbonate (virtually unbreakable) with the advantage of the best optical properties (no distortion in the periphery).
  • High-index lenses: No matter how "bad" your vision is, your lenses will be made to be very light and thin through the advances of high-index materials.
  • Progressive lenses: We have various brands of the "no-line bifocal" lenses that will suit all your vision demands. Whether you are a heavy computer user or an avid golfer, the right progressive lenses can meet all your needs.
  • Transition lenses: Experience the convenience of being able to transition from indoors to outdoors without fumbling for your sunglasses. Transition lenses automatically adjust the level of tinting based on your environment. These lenses actually get dark enough to provide you comfort while you are outside!
  • Anti-reflective lenses: Through these attractive lenses, you can achieve better vision and reduce glare from the computer and headlights at night. Allow your friends and relatives see you, rather than the glare off of your glasses.